How to Find MAC Address of Your Computer?

Every computer has its own identification number over the network this number is usually assigned by the equipment manufacturer and known as MAC (Media Access Control) address. All the devices from which we can access the internet are having MAC address.

Why do we need to find out the MAC address?

Wireless access points often use MAC address to identify the devices which makes them to allow internet access to know devices only. You have often noticed that on some places available wireless networks are only visible to limited devices. This is just because Mac address of these devices are saved with the router or ISP. If you know your MAC address so it can be a big help in trouble shooting internet related issues so here are the steps to find out MAC address.

  1. Press windows+R key on your key board and type cmd in run dialog box and hit enter.
  2. Type ipconfig /all in the command prompt to check the network card settings.
  3. After you press the enter key you will see a screen like this.
  4. Physical address which looks like looks like “0A-B1-C2-D3-E4-F5”. is the “MAC Address.”

Another application of MAC address is that it helps to track your stolen or lost devices. Because whenever a device gets connected to network its MAC address is Used.

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