How to Schedule or Create Tasks on Windows?

We often create tasks on our mobile phones and tablets. These tasks remind us to send an email regarding working on something and so many things but sometimes we are so busy on working our computer that we do not even get a chance to see the cell phone screen so here is a smart way to set a task on your smartphone so that you can get a pop up of your important tasks or your computer will remind you everything.

Let us understand how can we schedule a task on the computer:

1. Go to task scheduler by typing task scheduler in windows search box.

2. Task scheduler will be open in front of you. It looks like this.

3. In this window you can schedule a task by going to Action>Create basic task.

4. Create Basic task wizard will open. Now you just need to enter some values in the given fields as shown in the image.

5. In the next step you have to set frequency of task that is do you want it to start daily weekly monthly or once.

6. Once you have set the frequency of task you can set date and time of occurrence.

7. After setting up the time you can select an action you want task scheduler to perform.

You can select one of the given three that is you can select to send an email to start a program and to display a message.

If you will select to start a program in the next step you just need to select shortcut of the program, you want task scheduler to start for you.

If you will select to send an email next window will ask you for a complete email message with sender receiver email subject and smtp.

Here we are taking an example by selecting display a message.

8. In the next step you just need to click on finish and the task will be created.

You will get your message popped like this for on the time which you have already set while creating the task.

This is how you can create or schedule a task on your computer. If you stuck somewhere in creating a task on your computer or if you need any kind of technical assistance, we are here to help you.




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